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Netherlands HP HS03 Battery LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop

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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 10.95V
  • Battery Capacity: 2670mAh, 31Wh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Battery Cells Amount: 3-Cells
  • Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
  • Total Sale: 110 Sold

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Netherlands HP HS03 Battery  LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop
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Eu certified items for HP HS03 Battery  LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop
Li-ion battery pack, 10.95V HP HS03 Battery LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop

Sale Price:€ 42.86
  • This Laptop Battery Description:
Netherlands / EU New year and christmas discount for Netherlands HP HS03 Battery  LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop BlackCompatible mainbody Numbers:

Fit Machine Model:

14-ac124nf, 14-AC154NR, 14-AF101LA, 14-am000, 14-am000ne, 14-am000nt, 14-am001nt, 14-am001nv, 14-am002ne, 14-am002nt, 14-am002nv, 14-am002nx, 14-am003ng, 14-am003nt, 14-am003nx, 14-am004nt, 14-am004nx, 14-am005nj, 14-am005nt, 14-am005nv, 14-am005nx, 14-am006nj, 14-am006nv, 14-am006nx, 14-am007nv, 14-am007nx, 14-am008ng, 14-am008nj, 14-am008nx, 14-am009ng, 14-am009nx, 14-am010ng, 14-am011ng, 14-am011nx, 14-am012na, 14-am013ng, 14-am014ng, 14-am016ng, 14-am017na, 14-am017ng, 14-am018ng, 14-AM021LA, 14-am021na, 14-am024na, 14-am026na, 14-am038ca, 14-AN008LA, 14g, 14g-ad004tx, 14q-aj001TX, 14q-aj002TX, 14q-aj003TX, 15 Series, 15-AC011NS, 15-AC025DS, 15-AC089NL, 15-AC111TX, 15-ac121dx, 15-AC123DS, 15-AC137CL, 15-AC150DS, 15-ac601TX(T5Q22PA), 15-ac603TX(T5Q26PA), 15-AC614TX, 15-ac622TX(T9G31PA), 15-ac633TX(V5D48PA), 15-ac634TX(V5D49PA), 15-ac635TX(V5D50PA), 15-ac636TX(V5D51PA), 15-ac636TXV5D51PA, 15-ac637TX(V5D52PA), 15-ac651TX(V5D89PA), 15-ac666TX(W0H91PA), 15-ac672TX, 15-af000, 15-af000na, 15-af031no, 15-AF049CA, 15-af058sa, 15-af101AU, 15-af101AX, 15-af101NG, 15-af102AU, 15-af102AX, 15-af103AU, 15-af103AX, 15-af104AU, 15-af104AX, 15-af104LA, 15-af105AU, 15-af105AX, 15-af106AU, 15-af106AX, 15-AF107AU, 15-af107AX, 15-af107NG, 15-af108AU, 15-af108AX, 15-af109AU, 15-af110AU, 15-af110CA, 15-af110LA, 15-af110NG, 15-af110NR, 15-af111AU, 15-af111LA, 15-af112AU, 15-af112NR, 15-af113AU, 15-af113CL, 15-af114AU, 15-af115AU, 15-af115NR, 15-af116AU, 15-af116ng, 15-af117AU, 15-af117NG, 15-af118AU, 15-af118NG, 15-af119AU, 15-af119CA, 15-af119NG, 15-af120AU, 15-af120CA, 15-af120NR, 15-af121AU, 15-af121CA, 15-af122AU, 15-af122NR, 15-af123AU, 15-af124AU, 15-af125AU, 15-af126AU, 15-af127AU, 15-af127CA, 15-af128AU, 15-af129AU, 15-af130AU, 15-af130CA, 15-af130NR, 15-af131AU, 15-af131CA, 15-AF131DX, 15-AF131NG, 15-af132AU, 15-af133AU, 15-af133NG, 15-af134AU, 15-af135AU, 15-af135NR, 15-af136AU, 15-af137AU, 15-af137NR, 15-af138AU, 15-af139AU, 15-af139CA, 15-af140AU, 15-af141AU, 15-af142AU, 15-af143AU, 15-af143ng, 15-af144AU, 15-af145AU, 15-af146AU, 15-af147AU, 15-af147CA, 15-af148AU, 15-af148CA, 15-af149CA, 15-af159NR, 15-af161CA, 15-af166CA, 15-af171NR, 15-af172NR, 15-af173NR, 15-af174NR, 15-af175NR, 15-AY029CA, 15-AY081NR, 15-ba000, 15-ba000nv, 15-ba001nt, 15-ba003ng, 15-ba003nt, 15-ba004nc, 15-ba004nt, 15-ba005nc, 15-ba005nv, 15-ba006nv, 15-ba007ng, 15-ba007nt, 15-ba007nv, 15-ba008ng, 15-ba008nt, 15-ba009ng, 15-ba009nt, 15-ba010ng, 15-ba010nr, 15-ba010nt, 15-ba011ng, 15-ba011nt, 15-ba011nv, 15-ba012ng, 15-ba012no, 15-ba012nt, 15-ba013ng, 15-ba013nt, 15-ba013nv, 15-ba014ng, 15-ba014nv, 15-ba015na, 15-ba016na, 15-ba016ng, 15-ba017ng, 15-ba018ng, 15-ba019ng, 15-ba020ng, 15-ba021ng, 15-ba022nc, 15-ba022ng, 15-ba023ng, 15-ba024ng, 15-ba027nc, 15-ba028ng, 15-ba029ng, 15-ba030ng, 15-ba033ng, 15-ba036ng, 15-ba043ng, 15-ba044ng, 15-ba047nc, 15-ba047ng, 15-ba048ng, 15-ba049ng, 15-ba050ng, 15-ba051ng, 15-ba053ng, 15-ba054ng, 15-ba055ng, 15-ba056ng, 15-ba057ng, 15-ba058ng, 15-ba062nc, 15-ba065nc, 15-ba066nc, 15-ba067nc, 15-ba067ng, 15-ba068ng, 15-ba070ng, 15-ba077ng, 15g, 15g-ad001tx(M9U77PA), 15g-ad002tx(M9U78PA), 15g-ad003tx(M9U79PA), 15g-ad005tx(M9U81PA), 15g-ad006tx(M9U82PA), 15g-ad007tx(N1W22PA), 15g-ad0XX, 15q-aj102tx(P6M11PA), 15Q-AJ103TX(P6M67PA), 15Q-AJ104TX(P6M68PA), 15Q-AJ105TX(P6M69PA), 15Q-AJ105TXP6M69PA, 17-x000, 17-x000nf, 17-x001ng, 17-x001nv, 17-x002ng, 17-x003nf, 17-x003nv, 17-x004nf, 17-x004ng, 17-x005nf, 17-x006nf, 17-x008nf, 17-x009nf, 17-x011nf, 17-x012nf, 17-x012ng, 17-X013NA, 17-x013nf, 17-x014nf, 17-X014NG, 17-x015ng, 17-x016ng, 17-x017ng, 17-x018ng, 17-x019ng, 17-x020ng, 17-x020nz, 17-x022ng, 17-x023ng, 17-x024ng, 17-x025ng, 17-x026ng, 17-x029ng, 17-x035ng, 17-x037ng, 17-x040ng, 17-x041ng, 17-x042ng, 17-x043ng, 17-x044ng, 17-x049ng, 17-x050ng, 17-x061ng, 17-x064ng, 17-x068ng, 17-x079ng, 17-x086ng, 17-x091ng, 17-x182ng, 17-y000, 17-y001nv, 17-y002na, 17-y002nv, 17-y003nv, 17-y004no, 17-y004nv, 17-y005nf, 17-y006ng, 17-y009ng, 17-y010ng, 17-y011ng, 17-y012ng, 17-y013na, 17-y013ng, 17-y015ng, 17-y018ng, 17-y019ng, 17-y021ng, 17-y024ng, 17-y027ng, 17-y029ng, 17-y032ng, 17-y048ng, 17-y059ng, 17-y060ng, 17-y074ng, 240 G4, 240 G4 (N3S52PT), 240 G4 (N3S54PT), 240 G4 (T9H20PA), 245 G4, 246 G4, 250 G4, 250 G4 (N3S51PT), 250 G4 (T3Y87PA), 250 G4 (T6T64PT), 250 G5-Z2Z90ES, 255 G4, 256 G4, 348 G3 (W5S54PA), 348 G3 (W5S55PA), 348 G3 (W8H56PA), 348 G3 (W8H70PA), 348 G3 (W8H71PA), 348 G3 (Z3Q99AV), 348 G3 (Z3R00AV), 348 G3 (Z4P39PA), Notebook - 14-ac018tx (M9V45PA), Notebook - 14-ac025tx (M9V87PA), Notebook - 14-ac030tx (N4F49PA), Notebook - 14-ac032tu (M9V37PA), Notebook - 14-ac059tu (N1W35PA), Notebook - 14-ac066tu (N4G16PA), Notebook - 14-ac116tx (P3D46PA), Notebook - 14-ac135tx (T5Q98PA), Notebook - 14-ac135tx T5Q98PA, Notebook - 14-ac141tu (P3D47PA), Notebook - 14-ac142tu (P3D48PA), Notebook - 14-af004ax (N4G28PA), Notebook - 14-af103ax (P3D49PA), Notebook - 14-af106au (P3D50PA), Notebook - 14-af107au (P3U44PA), Notebook - 15-ac009tx (M4Y85PA), Notebook - 15-ac012tu (M4Y86PA), Notebook - 15-ac023tx (M9U76PA), Notebook - 15-ac054tx (M9V86PA), Notebook - 15-ac055tx (M9V88PA), Notebook - 15-ac085tx (T0Y38PA), Notebook - 15-ac113tx (N8M07PA), Notebook - 15-ac114tx (N8M08PA), Notebook - 15-ac115tx (N8M10PA), Notebook - 15-ac116tu (N8M09PA), Notebook - 15-af116au (P3U45PA), Notebook - 15-af116au P3U45PA, Notebook - 15-af117au (P3U46PA), Notebook 14, Notebook 14g, Notebook 15, Notebook 15g, Pavilion 14-AC005TX, Pavilion 14-AC010TU, Pavilion 14-AC017NE, Pavilion 14-AC026TX, Pavilion 14-AC040TU, Pavilion 14-AC100ND, Pavilion 14-AC115LA, Pavilion 14-AC121NF, Pavilion 14-AC132LA, Pavilion 14-AC139BR, Pavilion 14-AC146TU, Pavilion 14-AC157TU, Pavilion 14-AF115AU, Pavilion 14-AM002ND, Pavilion 14-AM003TU, Pavilion 14-AM017NF, Pavilion 14-AM019TU, Pavilion 14-AM026NF, Pavilion 14-AM033NA, Pavilion 14-AM037NA, Pavilion 14-AM048TU, Pavilion 14-AM093TU, Pavilion 14-AM100UR, Pavilion 14-AM105NT, Pavilion 14-AM118TX, Pavilion 14-AM131TX, Pavilion 14-AM514TU, Pavilion 15-AC000NV, Pavilion 15-AC002NQ, Pavilion 15-ac004TU, Pavilion 15-AC010NV, Pavilion 15-AC012NW, Pavilion 15-ac012TU, Pavilion 15-AC014NS, Pavilion 15-AC017NL, Pavilion 15-AC020NT, Pavilion 15-AC023NM, Pavilion 15-AC043NO, Pavilion 15-ac047TU, Pavilion 15-AC052UR, Pavilion 15-ac054TX, Pavilion 15-ac062TU, Pavilion 15-AC065UR, Pavilion 15-ac069TX, Pavilion 15-AC077NG, Pavilion 15-ac078NR, Pavilion 15-ac085TX, Pavilion 15-AC088NX, Pavilion 15-AC100NV, Pavilion 15-AC106NU, Pavilion 15-AC107NV, Pavilion 15-AC108NT, Pavilion 15-AC109NV, Pavilion 15-AC111NF, Pavilion 15-AC112NO, Pavilion 15-AC120NT, Pavilion 15-AC121NX, Pavilion 15-ac121TX, Pavilion 15-AC123NK, Pavilion 15-AC124NX, Pavilion 15-ac125TU, Pavilion 15-AC126NH, Pavilion 15-AC127NS, Pavilion 15-ac129TU, Pavilion 15-ac134DS, Pavilion 15-AC134NW, Pavilion 15-AC136NIA, Pavilion 15-AC138NIA, Pavilion 15-ac138TU, Pavilion 15-AC140NIA, Pavilion 15-AC142NH, Pavilion 15-ac143TX, Pavilion 15-AC146NE, Pavilion 15-AC161NM, Pavilion 15-AC165NL, Pavilion 15-AC170NA, Pavilion 15-AC172NO, Pavilion 15-AC181ND, Pavilion 15-ac181TU, Pavilion 15-AC185NO, Pavilion 15-ac190TU, Pavilion 15-ac603TU, Pavilion 15-ac611TU, Pavilion 15-ac619TU, Pavilion 15-ac627TU, Pavilion 15-AC632NG, Pavilion 15-AC654TX, Pavilion 15-AC683TU, Pavilion 15-AF001AX, Pavilion 15-AF003NP, Pavilion 15-AF004NS, Pavilion 15-AF007NM, Pavilion 15-AF040NO, Pavilion 15-AF065NA, Pavilion 15-AF101NA, Pavilion 15-AF102UR, Pavilion 15-AF105NF, Pavilion 15-AF108NC, Pavilion 15-af117NG, Pavilion 15-af126AU, Pavilion 15-AF128UR, Pavilion 15-af135AU, Pavilion 15-af147AU, Pavilion 15-AF151SA, Pavilion 15-AF156NA, Pavilion 15-AF180NG, Pavilion 15-AY008LA, Pavilion 15-AY013NR, Pavilion 15-AY050TX, Pavilion 15-AY056TU, Pavilion 15-AY063TX, Pavilion 15-AY068TU, Pavilion 15-AY074TX, Pavilion 15-AY081NR, Pavilion 15-AY109TX, Pavilion 15-AY117TU, Pavilion 15-AY125NR, Pavilion 15-AY133TU, Pavilion 15-AY136TX, Pavilion 15-AY147TX, Pavilion 15-AY168TX, Pavilion 15-BA005UR, Pavilion 15-BA007CY, Pavilion 15-BA008NF, Pavilion 15-BA009NT, Pavilion 15-BA010NV, Pavilion 15-BA012NF, Pavilion 15-BA019NF, Pavilion 15-BA020NS, Pavilion 15-BA022AX, Pavilion 15-BA024NA, Pavilion 15-BA026, Pavilion 15-BA036, Pavilion 15-BA038AU, Pavilion 15-BA040NO, Pavilion 15-BA042NB, Pavilion 15-BA044NF, Pavilion 15-BA058, Pavilion 15-BA063NF, Pavilion 15-BA067, Pavilion 15-BA068NF, Pavilion 15-BA071NC, Pavilion 15-BA075NC, Pavilion 15-BA098UR, Pavilion 15-BA103NG, Pavilion 15-BA112UR, Pavilion 15-BA500NG, Pavilion 15-BA509NA, Pavilion 15-BA525NG, Pavilion 15g-ad004TX, Pavilion 15q-aj000, Pavilion 15T-AC100, Pavilion 17-x002ng, Pavilion 17-X010NM, Pavilion 17-X013DS, Pavilion 17-X016UR, Pavilion 17-X020CY, Pavilion 17-X021UR, Pavilion 17-X027CL, Pavilion 17-X031DS, Pavilion 17-X035DS, Pavilion 17-X038UR, Pavilion 17-X044DS, Pavilion 17-X052NG, Pavilion 17-Y000UR, Pavilion 17-Y002NG, Pavilion 17-Y004DS, Pavilion 17-Y006NG, Pavilion 17-Y009CY, Pavilion 17-Y027CY, Pavilion 17-Y031NG, Pavilion 17-Y038UR, Pavilion 17-Y044NF, Pavilion 17-Y051NB, Pavilion 17-Y058NG,
Hp Pavilion 15 Series
15-ac600, 15-ac602TX, 15q-aj006TX.

HP HS03 Battery LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop

HP HS03 Battery  LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series LaptopToday Netherlands Local Price: € 42.86

(Free Shipping to all EU countries)

HP Replacement Laptop Batteries, Notebook Batteries

Why does a laptop battery die?

Follow these tips to prolong the life of your lithium-ion batteries:

For brand new batteries, it is important to charge them completely before you use the cell phone, laptop , or other electronic. This “teaches” the battery the extent of the charge.

To prolong the life of a lithium-ion battery that sees a lot of use, like a laptop or cell phone, it’s better to charge it often for short periods of time (one to two hours) instead of charging it from a near dead state each time.

While short charges are best, it is important to let the battery drain completely and then fully charge around once a month. This help maintain good battery health.

It’s very detrimental to a lithium-ion battery if you use the device while it’s charging. This makes the battery overheat, which lowers a li-ion battery’s lifespan.
If possible, use a charger with a lower voltage rating. While this will charge more slowly, it will charge at a lower temperature, preserving the battery.

Never leave the battery in sunny or hot areas. This heat can damage the battery life.

Finally, if you aren’t going to use the battery for a while or you’re storing it, make sure the battery is over 40% charged before you put it away. When lithium-ion batteries are stored out of charge for long periods of time, this can lead to an inability to maintain a charge once the battery is in use again.

If you follow these tips (especially if you use them from when you first get your new battery, phone, laptop, or other electronic using a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery) you will maximize the battery’s lifespan and prevent premature aging in the battery.

Is it OK to use our laptop when it is charging? Does it kill the laptop battery?

It's totally fine. The only thing that wears the battery is using it. If the laptop is plugged in, you aren't using the battery, so you're reducing wear on the laptop.

People have a lot of crazy ideas about how to make their batteries last longer. It's all nonsense. Laptops use lithium ion batteries that work exactly as you would expect. Keep the battery charged, avoid using the battery when you could be plugged in, and quit worrying about it. Anything you do will have a tiny tiny effect on the overall life of your battery.

Older types of batteries like lead acid (car batteries) or nickel metal hydride do have some weird properties to accommodate. For example, someone told me that laptop batteries wear out by being drained all the way. That's lead acid batteries. Not true for laptops. You might also hear about “memory” of the battery, where the first time you use it you have to charge it all the way up, then drain it all the way. That's nickel metal hydride. Not true at all for laptops.

HP HS03 Battery LB6U Li-ion 10.95v 2670mah For Pavilion 14 15 17 Series Laptop

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